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Quick access to essential registrations

There are certain registrations that government requires of business. Below is a list of important registrations that will likely apply to your business along with links to the applicable forms.

You can use your Business Number (which is your business identifier) for many of these essential registrations. If you do not have a Business Number, you can get one as part of the program’s registration process.

Provincial registrations

  • Business registration

    In Manitoba, businesses generally incorporate or operate as a sole proprietor or partnership.

    If you are planning on operating a business as a sole proprietor or partnership, registration with Manitoba's Companies Office is generally necessary. Before a business name can be registered, a Request for Name Reservation must be filed with the Companies Office to determine if the name is available for use.

    If you are planning to incorporate in the Province of Manitoba, Articles of Incorporation must be filed. Before a business can be incorporated in Manitoba, a Request for Name Reservation must be filed to determine if the name is available for use.

  • Business name reservation

    A Name Reservation is required in most cases before a name can be registered with Manitoba's Companies Office. The online Companies Office System will help you determine whether a name is already in use, or reserved for use.

  • Workers compensation registration

    Most businesses in Manitoba that employ workers are required to register for workers compensation coverage with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba.

  • Retail (Provincial) Sales Tax registration

    Any person carrying on a business in Manitoba (except for small businesses with annual taxable sales under $10,000) must register with Manitoba Finance and obtain a Retail Sales Tax (RST) number before making any taxable sales in the province.

Federal registrations

  • GST registration

    In Manitoba, businesses have to register with Canada Revenue Agency for a GST account if they provide taxable supplies in Canada and are not a small supplier.

  • Corporation income tax registration

    When you incorporate your business, you need to register with Canada Revenue Agency for a federal corporation income tax account.

  • Payroll account registration

    If you are an employer, trustee or payer, you will need to open a payroll program account with Canada Revenue Agency to remit your deductions. Depending on the type of business you have, you may need to register other types of programs accounts.

  • Federal incorporation

    If you decide to federally incorporate, you must file completed forms with Corporations Canada.

Municipal registrations

To find municipal registrations, permits, licences and applicable forms required for your business, enter your location below to get started.